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Pedra penhasco na italia Thiago Mariani


Who am I

A guy who got tired of that small square where he lived just to work, earn money, pay bills and have some fun. A life without many experiences, in that old square routine.

But come on, who I am:

I graduated in Electrical Engineering, did Post Graduation and Executive MBA focused on business management and human relations, I love sports and holistic practices.

He had a solid career in the corporate world and also as a Master Coach. I got tired of living on the rails and decided to skip out of the home-work routine.

If it's to live, let it be a great adventure!

I have been traveling the world for the last few years in search of knowledge, adventures and personal expansion.

I believe that it is possible to achieve and balance Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual health through physical exercise.

Imagem de capa de thiago mariani
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