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The Dream Journey: Discoveries, Overcoming Obstacles, and the Company of My Crazy Sidekick: Ela!

Welcome to the Eu&Ela Blog! Here you will find stories about my incredible journey over the past 5 years. I have traveled backpacking, hitchhiking, by car, van, plane, and now I'm on a car adventure through the Americas. I started in Brazil and now we are heading towards Alaska. Join me on this adventure full of twists and turns, overcoming challenges, and the delightful presence of Ela, my four-legged companion.

Hello, my name is Thiago Mariani, and since 2018, my life has been a series of adventures and discoveries. Traveling the world has been my passion, fueling my thirst for unique and transformative experiences. In 2022, I decided to take my adventurous spirit to new heights by embarking on an exciting car journey from Brazil to Alaska.

Initially, this trip was planned to be a shared experience with my ex-fiancée. However, as life often surprises us, our paths diverged, and each of us embarked on our own journey. It was a moment of reevaluation and reflection, and that's when I decided to revise my plans and head towards Alaska.

It was in the breathtaking Colombia (we'll have dedicated posts about this country) that I

encountered the little one in the photo above, a beautiful and wild being, even wilder than me. Her name is Ela, a charming Siberian Husky. Since then, she has become my inseparable partner. Together, we have faced challenges, explored incredible places, and built an indescribable bond.

In this blog, I will share with you the fascinating and captivating stories of this journey. Crossing borders, immersing in vibrant cultures, and exploring breathtaking landscapes are just some of the highlights of this enriching experience.

In addition to various adventures, you will find valuable tips on car travel, insights into traveling and living in a car, and reflections on the lessons learned along the way. My goal is to show and motivate you to embark on your own adventures, overcome obstacles, and pursue the fulfillment of your dreams, no matter how audacious they may be.

Follow this blog and join us on this crazy journey. I am excited to share the stories and memorable moments that have already passed and those yet to come. Get ready to engage and discover that life is a journey full of wonderful surprises.

Adventures await us. Let's explore the world, push boundaries, and together write a story of courage and self-discovery.

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